Nine arrested for scamming €180,000 out of IKA-ETAM in Egaleo

The police announced the arrest of nine individuals who appear to have operated a scam at the IKAT-ETAM offices in Egaleo since 2012, which caused damages worth 180,000 euros to the state. Among those arrested are four officers at the IKA-ETAM office in Egaleo and one employee in Parliament.

As it transpired, the criminal group would use personal details of their own and other to file claims with IKA-ETAM for medical purposes. The group appears to have processed at leas 219 such claims, primarily for consumables. After the claims were approved, the group would alter bank account details in the IKA-ETAM network in order to collect the funds.

The arrested individuals will face felony charges for forming a criminal organization, fraud and false witness, among others.

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