Amazing discovery: 34-million year old fossilised forest in Rhodope

The President of the Rhodope Range Mountain Park (RMRNP), Stavros Kechagioglou announced the discovery of a fossilised forest in near pristine condition, Thursday, in the the Rhodope National Park in northeastern Greece. Addressing the press from the organisation’s headquarters in Drama, Kechagiohlou said the discovery was very important as the the forest could be older than the Mytilene petrified forest, which is estimated to have been formed 20 million years ago. The president said that after surveys in the area by the centre’s researchers, a large number of scattered tree trunk fossils and a variety of leaves were found in excellent condition. The findings were verified after being sent to the department of History-Geology at National Kapodistrian University in Athens, which determined they were samples of fossilised wood. The university’s report estimates the dates of the sediments of the fossilised materials between 14 and 34 million years! The results were sent to the competent Ministries of Culture and Environment with all the details.

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