Pakistani man holds Greek female lover hostage

A 40-year-old Greek woman from Agrinio managed to escape from her 26-year old Pakistani lover, after being held hostage. The woman was reportedly forced to leave her home in Agrinio and follow the Pakistani man to Amaliada, where he held her by threatening he would release indecent photos of their relationship. The woman arranged her escape after breaking the window of the house with the help of an Albanian friend she had contacted. The two went to the police, where the woman informed the officers of her ordeal, claiming her former lover was holding her against her will by beating her and blackmailing, while he would lock her in the room and without allowing her any phone contact with the outside world. Greek police detected and arrested the young Pakistani and lead him before the Amaliada Misdemeanors Prosecutor. The court charged him with the felonies of illegal detention and battery.

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