Four million taxpayers at the tax offices

Long queues to peak at the Tax Offices are reported on Friday, since it is the last day of the tax payments for millions of Greeks. The economic staff aims for 700 million Euros from ENFIA, 1,2 billion Euros from income taxes and at least 1 billion euros fom installments of old debts.

More than 2 billion Euros are expected to be paid by more than 4 million taxpayers, from property and business taxes.

On the last day of September, taxpayers must pay the first out of the five monthly installments of ENFIA for 2016, calculated as 700 million Euros. Moreover, they must pay the second out of the three bimonthly installments for their income tax, estimated at 1,1 billion Euros.

September and November will be the worst two months for the Greek taxpayers who have to prove the taxpaying ability of the country. The Government has made a bet that in 120 days it will receive at least 2,65 billion Euros from ENFIA, 2,2 billion from income taxes and 3,4 billion from old debts.

This means that 6 billion Euros are on the households and 2 billion Euros on the Greek businesses, when the second semester of 2016 the Economy should have returned to growth, as the Government had been forecasting.

Instead, 774,321 foreclosures of properties, incomes, and bank deposits have already been processed and 1,500,000 citizens are also threatened.

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