A ‘black moon’ rises tonight, will it be the end of the world?

An infrequent astronomical event is set to unfold in the skies on Friday evening. A black moon is set to rise. Despite the spooky name and what some people say about its connection with the end of the world, it’s literally not the end of everyrhing. The rise of a “black moon” is something that cannot be seen with the naked eye. A “black moon” is just a term used for a second new moon in a single month. A new moon is when the sun illuminates the side of the moon facing away from us and the moon is on the sunny side of the earth anyway.

It’s basically just the opposite of a “blue moon,” which is the term for the second full moon in a month. The last time it happened was in March 2014. The black moon will rise at 03.11 a.m in Greece (7.11 Central Standard Time Zone). The absence of the moon does make the night a good one for star watching.

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