Evidence of “decomposition” in Kos dig site for Ben

Police searching for missing toddler Ben Needham have found evidence of “decomposition” at the Kos dig site. A detective inspector revealed that they would be closely examining an area in the olive grove behind the farmhouse where Ben disappeared. It comes as a result of soil samples being sent to the UK, since they are still being examined back at a laboratory in Aberdeen. Forensic scientists have been unable to rule out whether the “decomposition” is human. In tests from three other areas they managed to establish the decomposed remains were that of a dog, a bat and from human waste from a cess tank.

Experts who have been involved in the world famous Body Farm project in Texas have been drafted in to help. Detectives on Wednesday have began digging at the base of a fig tree after a photo showed it must have been planted since the toddler went missing. Officers analysed the picture, which was taken around 10 days after Ben vanished in 1991. They discovered the tree – now about 25ft high – was not there at the time.

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