50% of pensioners in Greece live in extreme Poverty

One out of two pensioners fall below the extreme poverty line, according to figures released on Thursday by the Greek Pensioner’s Network.

60% of pensioners in all categories (retirement, death, and disability) receive up to 700 euros after the relevant deductions, while 45% receive less than 665 Euros per month. The most worrying fact is that most households in Greece (52%), hit hard by the unemployment, rely on their parents’ pensions in order to survive.

“I wanted to give my grandson 5 Euros and he refused to take it because my pension has been cut”, a retiree told during a demonstration that had been carried last week outside the central offices of the unified supplementary pension fund ETEA, in response to the recent pension cuts.

And even though thousands of people see their pensions decreased, the new figures prove the dramatic situation in the lives of 1,2 million pensioners.

“We can’t survive, we have no food to eat” , another pensioner also said at the demonstration while the President of the Pensioners’ Network say every year, the number of pensioners that live in poverty is growing.

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