New Democracy 10 points ahead of SYRIZA in latest polls

The main opposition party New Democracy is about 10 points ahead of SYRIZA in a poll carried out by Marc for television station Alpha.
Specifically, when asked which party they intend to vote for in the next elections, the respondents answered:

Asked which party they believe will win the next elections 64.9% answered New Democracy, 15.5% SYRIZA, 3.8% another party and 15.8% gave no response.
Finally, when asked on which political leader holds opinions closet their own, the respondents answered Kyriakos Mitsotakis with 21%, followed by Alexis Tsipras with 14%, Dimitris Koutsoumpas with 4.6%, Fofi Gennimata with 4.4%, Nikos Michaloliakos with 3.4%, Vasilis Leventis with 2.6%, Panos Kammenos with 2.1% and Stavros Theodorakis with 1.9%.

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