Tsipras to Baiden: Greek economy has already shown signs of recovery

The Greek debt, the refugee issue and the Cyprus problem dominated a meeting between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and US Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday.

The prime minister said that significant steps have been taken on the debt issue and serious reforms have been carried out.
Tsipras underlined that the Greek economy has already shown signs of recovery and stressed that Greece needs a stable and sustainable solution on the debt issue so that investments will be accelerated.

The Greek prime minister also raised the issue of the IMF and institutions. As he said, Greece is not interested whether the IMF will decide to stay or leave as long as a stable and sustainable solution is found..
On the refugee issue, Tsipras said that there is no Plan B, there is only the EU-Turkey agreement, and stressed the importance of supporting that agreement in order to be implemented.

Biden praised Greece on the way it has dealt with the refugee crisis and added that the US puts emphasis on stability in Europe. On the Cyprus issue, the Prime Minister said that the solution is stability in the region, and stressed that the Cyprus problem is a security problem, it is an occupation problem, what matters most for Greece is the withdrawal of the occupying forces, and this must be the first step of the solution.
The US seem willing to support these three issues, the government sources added, despite the fact that it is a transitory period ahead of the presidential elections.

Tsipras and Biden also agreed to be in constant contact on the initiatives and the issues raised by the Greek prime minister.
Biden did not specify that initiatives to be taken. On the IMF participation, he said that the US is monitoring the issue as they consider that it affects stability in Europe.

Tsipras will meet with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, at 4 pm (local time).

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