Parliament calls Pappas and TV licenses’ owners

Most members of SYRIZA-ANEL “covered themselves” behind the President of the Institutions and Transparency Committee of the Greek Parliament that examined the New Democracy’s request to bring before the Parliament the four new TV channel owners, together with the Minister of State Nikos Pappas and the Representative of the Secretariat General of Information Eleytherios Kretzos. The majority refused not only the request but the conduct of a voting as well. Then the opposing parties proposed the activation of article 41A, asking Mr Pappas and the four license owners to come before the Parliament.

Makis Voridis, on behalf of ND said that the TV license law is against polyphony and against the Constitution. Moreover, he said that “the proclamation referred to a source check and not a sufficiency control. It is a direct infridgement”, he added.

He also noted the fact that Attica Bank came forward as a guarantor of Kalogritsas, to whom it had first given a loan.

According to the Secretariat General of Information, the procedure is completed, so the only thing that is left is the Parliamentary check, since the Committee admits that it hasn’t yet asked for an asset and funds-source declaration from the license owners”, Olga Kefalogianni added, while Evangelos Venizelos said it is a deterioration of the constitution.

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