Paula Roupa believed to be behind bank robbery in Malesina

The police suspect that Paula Roupa, who is wanted for her participation in the Revolutionary Struggle group and has been on the run since the arrest of her partner Nikos Maziotis, is behind a Wednesday afternoon bank robbery in Malesina of Fthiotida.

According to official reports, three disguised people entered the bank shortly before it was to shut down for the day brandishing pistols and demanded money. The robbers – two of whom appear to be women – managed to take off with about 180,000 euros from the bank vault, ATM and till. A stolen car that they used to escape was later found near the LARKO factory in Larymna.

During the robbery, the robbers told the customers that they were “liberating the money” and not stealing from “ordinary people” but rather from the banks. This has lead the police to suspect that militant anarchists may be behind the robbery, with Roupa being a prime suspect, as hideout belonging to her group was discovered in the Fthiotida area about a year ago.

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