Audits for televisions licenses to conclude by Saturday

The government services are expected to conclude the necessary inspections of the source and origin of the finances of the new provisional TV license holders by Saturday the latest.

As soon as the audits conclude, the General Secretary of Information and Communication Lefteris Kretsos will post the results online, at the and websites.

Should everything be in order, the four new provisional license-holders will have 15 days to pay the first installment, which amounts to 30% of the full price.

Given that the Council of State has yet to rule on a number of injunctions against the recent tender, the four provisional license-holders have argued that they must wait before making the first payment.

State Minister Nikos Pappas underlined that the audits being carried out at present only relate to the payment of the first installment. To this, one of the successful bidders in the tender Evangelos Marinakis’ Alter Ego, has responded with a request that the inspections cover the entire sum.

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