Over 330,000 Greeks have fled the country to find work abroad

332,000 Greeks have emigrated abroad between 2010 and 2015 to find better work opportunities, according to official data released by the Greek Foreign Ministry services. The real numbers are believed to be higher, as Greek nationals are not obliged to register to Greek embassies and consulates abroad once they arrive. Germany has received the largest number with 157,053 moving to the EU cony try, followed by the UK where 51,859 Greeks emigrated to. Australia is a steady destination with 45,000 moving down under, followed by Cyprus with 31,474. Norway, the Netherlands and the US are in the top 10 destinations for Greeks seeking work abroad. There Gulf states of Qatar and UAE are also becoming more popular with a rising trend, as 1,000 Greeks arrived in Qatar in 2014 and 3,352 are currently employed in UAE.

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