Greece warned about a “refugee flood” by Europeans

Europe is returning with cruel politics on the refugee crisis in Greece, while the situation on the eastern Aegean islands housing the refugee “hotspots” has taken a dangerous turn over the past days.

Germany’s interior minister has suggested his nation could send migrants back to Greece. There are over 50,000 in Greece waiting to be divided among EU states, but he said much had been done to improve the situation.

At the same time, the refugee and migrant flows to Greek islands are steadily increasing, with serious rounds of violence reported in Lesvos, where on Sunday night violent clashes among young refugees and migrants broke out in the hot spot of Moria. The clashes ended with the intervention of police and many injured youngsters. Five of them were hospitalized.

In Leros island, local residents feel besieged by refugees who are trapped in the island, who are resorting to stealing and violent activities.
Tourism in these islands has been seriously affected by the refugee crisis, with a 50% reduction causing harm to the local economy and businesses relying on tourism to survive.

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