Widespread clashes between Syrian and Afghani teens at Moria hotspot

Violent clashes broke out at the Moria refugee hotspot on Lesvos between Syrian and Afghani teens, late last Sunday, resulting in the injury of multiple youths. The confinement of over 3,500 teens, children and women of different ethnic groups in a camp capable of hosting only 2,000 amid conditions that are alleged to be completely inappropriate, was bound to lead to an eruption of hostilities between the refugees. The clashes broke out when a group of Afghan teenagers attacked some Syrian youths at around 12am on Sunday. During the fights many minors were injured, while the camp facilities were trashed. Many of the injured were transferred to hospital, while 40 refugees escaped and police were searching for them throughout the night. The clashes spread to other areas of the hotspot with families and men trying to defend themselves from the attackers. Some of the injured were being medically treated in the middle of the fracas.

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