Trial for the murder of 4-year-old Ani Borisova

The trial for the gruesome murder of four-year-old Ani Borisova in May 2015 is scheduled to begin today, with the 27-year-old father Stanislav Bakardjiev, a 30-year-old friend of his Nazif Ahmedov (also know as Nikolai) and the 25-year-old mother Dimitrina Borisova will facing charges for the murder.

Specifically Bakardjiev and Ahmedov are charged with murdering the child and disposing the body, while Borisova will face charges for exposing a minor to danger and pejury. One more man, a friend of the mother, will also face perjury charges.

According to the case file, the father and his friend appear to have used a kitchen knife to cut up the body of the child, before boiling the pieces and disposing of them in dumpsters. None of the remains have been recovered, however the knife and genetic material from the victim have been located.

It appears that the father has shown no remorse and has denied the murder charges and only accepts the ‘later actions’ attributed to him, namely of disposing the body.

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