IMF shares the European Commission ‘concerns’ on ELSTAT

The spokesperson for the International Monetary Fund Gerry Rice revealed that the IMF’s head for the mission to Greece Delia Velculescu is expected to return to Athens in mid September, possibly on the 12th.

According to the IMF spokesperson the visit is for the regular Article IV Consultation held for all IMF member-states and is expected to conclude two weeks later. Findings from the consultation will later be used in the bailout program review and in the talks on debt sustainability.

In relation to the controversial referral of the former had of Greek statistics agency ELSTAT Andreas Georgiou, the IMF spokesperson noted that the Fund will not comment on investigations under way. Mr. Rice however added that eh IMF ‘share the concerns’ expressed by the European Commission.

During the press briefing the IMF spokesman defended the progress made in ELSTAT΄s portrayal of statistical data in Greece after 2010, arguing that the quality of statistical figures has greatly improved.

He noted the need to protect this progress since the accuracy of statistics was a vital element and crucial condition for the IMF΄s participation in the new Greek bailout program.

Finally, the IMF spokesperson noted that while that Georgiou was a former IMF executive, he was unable to confirm whether the former ELSTAT chief had resigned from the IMF in 2010, as soon as he took over as head of the Greek statistics agency.

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