New ticket system for tourist groups in Acropolis

The procedures for ticket issuing for organised tourist groups at the Acropolis will change as of September 1. The Archaeological Receipts Fund (TAP) released a document according to which all organised tourist groups of over 2 members with a tour guide can only procure tickets from the new ‘Ticket booth for the Athens Acropolis visitors’ group’, which is located on the corner of 37 Roberto Gali and Garibaldi.

The new tickets will have a bar code, while the procedure involves booking at least a day in advance, or 3 working days in the event the group consists of over 51 members via a oder form that can be accessed on the TAP site. The people can pay via web-banking, or through credit or debit cards when picking up the tickets at the booth.

The tickets will be valid for two months and in the event they are not used they can be renewed. The FedHATTA has raised some possible problems that could be caused by the new system, such as the inability to buy tickets with cash and the woking hours of the booth, among other issues.

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