Property tax notices for 2016 circulated

Practically all of the notices for this year’s property tax were posted via the tax bureau’s online system, a process that reportedly concluded at 3 a.m. on Monday morning.

Some 6.4 million property owners, both individuals and legal entities, have been billed with the property tax, known as ENFIA in its Greek-language acronym.

According to the leftist Greek government, 2.558 million taxpayers will pay the exact same rate as in 2015; 2.478 million property owners will reportedly pay a slightly lower figure due to a reduction in objective tax criteria for their real estate.

Finally, 2.255 million taxpayers will see an increase in the property taxes they will pay for 2016.

Immediately abolishing the ENFIA tax was one of the “banner pledges” by the SYRIZA party when it was in the opposition, however, once in power it was forced to acknowledge the effectiveness and necessity of a property tax – something Greece lacked before the economic crisis.

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