Alexiadis: Goal of collecting 2.64bln Euro feasible

Deputy Finance Minister Tryphon Alexiadis said the goal of collecting 2.65 billion Euros from the property tax (ENFIA) in the current fiscal year was feasible, in an interview to state broadcaster ERT. Alexiadis claimed this year’s property tax was more just and proportional, while he stressed that 90% of taxpayers would receive tax clearances similar to last year’s.

Responding to the amount taxpayers would be called on to pay for next year’s (2017) ENFIA, Alexiadis said the amount was a matter of a new round of talks as to whether it would be commensurate to this year’s. On the matter of overdue debts to the tax office and the ability for taxpayers to be included in the multiple settlement downpayment scheme, the Minister clarified that there can not be a perpetual plan for downpayment system.

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