Refugees use Evros, Bulgarina route to enter Europe

Refugees and migrants have recently been seeking new routes into Europe, as newspaper ‘Ethnos’ reports. The article reveals that refugees and migrants are choosing to enter Europe via land paths on the borders between Turkey and Bulgaria and the northern Evros border point between Greece and Turkey in their efforts to avoid time consuming asylum application procedures that refugees entering via the Aegean Sea route are experiencing. Meanwhile, the flow into Greece via the Aegean Sea route has also increased following the failed coup attempt in Turkey in mid July, with nearly 2,500 people landing on Greek islands in the past month, a number double to that before the Turkish coup attempt. The Greek government is also concerned about news that Germany is preparing a Plan B for the refugee crisis in the event the deal between the EU and Turkey collapses. According to German magazine ‘Der Spiegel’, one of the ideas being examined is to compel Greece to accept a large number of migrants and refugees by exerting financial pressure on the Greek government.

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