GEF: Roundtable discussion between Hochstein and Greek Energy stakeholders

The Greek Energy Forum in collaboration with the US Embassy in Greece have hosted a “closed” roundtable discussion with the participation of Amos Hochstein, Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs of the US State Department, as well as key Greek energy stakeholders.
The objective of this initiative has been “the exchange of views and ideas between the prominent US government official and his staff together with representatives from the industry, politics, regulators and academia that shape today’s energy developments in Greece”. The discussion took place in Athens and it was chaired and moderated by the President of the Greek Energy Forum, Alexandros Lagakos.
The Greek Energy Forum is an international energy-think tank which has been founded in 2013 by Greek energy professionals professionally active outside the Greek borders. Today it maintains 6 global branches in London, Brussels, Athens, Nicosia, Dubai and Washington DC and has recently joined the Sustainability Workgroup of the United Nations (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe – Sustainability Workgroup).

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