Greek citizens to pay 23.3 billion Euros in next months in taxes

Hundreds of thousands of Greek taxpayers will be forced to pay a total of 23.3 billion Euros over the next few months, either in the form of direct income taxes, priority taxes and car registration fees.

The total sum amounts to 2.5 billion more than what they paid in 2015 to the state, with the Greek Finance Ministry fearing the heavy economic burden placed on the citizens’ shoulders could lead to a ‘default’ on the taxpayers’ part towards the state, derailing any budget forecasts.

According to financial newspaper Naftemporiki, the aggregate of Greek taxpayers, businesses, pensioners and freelance professionals will be called on to fork out an average of 4.6 billion Euros each month from September through January 2017. 6.3 billion are estimated to come from direct taxes, car registration fees and the ENFIA property tax.

More specifically, taxpayers are expected to pay 1.8 billion in September for the second instalment of the income tax and the first payment of the ENFIA property tax; 550 million for the second ENFIA tax property in October; 1.8 billion for the third income tax instalment and ENFIA property tax in November;

1.1 billion for the forth payment of the property tax and car registration fees in December; and 2.65 billion for the final payment of the ENFIA property tax in January 2017.

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