Internet post used to claim responsibility for attack on Church of Greece HQ

An Internet post signed “unrepentant anarchists” on Monday took responsibility for an attack against the Church of Greece’s headquarters in downtown Athens last week.

A lengthy proclamation was posted on a website known for disseminating material by violence-prone self-styled anarchists and so-called “anti-state” groups, including responsibility for various urban terrorist attacks and threats to use violence.

The perpetrator or perpetrators behind the attack on the unguarded Petraki Monastery in the upscale Kolonaki district claimed the action served as an “answer to a new wave of state repression” and cites police operations to end three building squats in Thessaloniki, occupations that anarchist activists claimed were used to house migrants.

A couple of parked cars and minor damages to a courtyard from several tossed firebombs was the result of the Aug. 8 attack.

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