Crete in turmoil after Germany’s decision to send 3,000 refugee to island

The decision by Germany to relocate 3,000 ‘excessive’ refugees to the island of Crete has caused an uproar among the resident of the Greek island.

The decision was made within the Dublin 3 regulations, which provide that an EU member state can send refugees it judges to be superfluous to another EU country. The decision by Germany, which the Greek government agreed to, has raised concern among the Cretans who claim the move will harm the island’s tourism industry.

The Greek government is moving forward with the decision after Migration Minister Giannis Mouzalas chaired a relevant meeting in Heraklion, Crete, announcing the transport of the 3,000 refugees. The refugees will start arriving on the island from next December.

The matter was confirmed by independent MEP Notis Marias during an interview to local Cretan media. Meanwhile, according to official data the Greek state has been burdened by over 2 billion Euros since the start of the refugee inflow, with the EU disbursing only 330 million Euros to foreign-based NGOs so far.

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