Crete in turmoil after Germany’s decision to send 3,000 refugee to island

The decision by Germany to relocate 3,000 ‘excessive’ refugees to the island of Crete has caused an uproar among the resident of the Greek island. The decision was made within the Dublin 3 regulations, which provide that an EU member state can send refugees it judges to be superfluous to another EU country. The decision by Germany, which the Greek government agreed to, has raised concern among the Cretans who claim the move will harm the island’s tourism industry. The Greek government is moving forward with the decision after Migration Minister Giannis Mouzalas chaired a relevant meeting in Heraklion, Crete, announcing the transport of the 3,000 refugees. The refugees will start arriving on the island from next December. The matter was confirmed by independent MEP Notis Marias during an interview to local Cretan media. Meanwhile, according to official data the Greek state has been burdened by over 2 billion Euros since the start of the refugee inflow, with the EU disbursing only 330 million Euros to foreign-based NGOs so far.


  1. Greek

    Unfortunately most Greeks today are far leftist extremists that not only supported mass illegal immigration into Greece but even shamelessly put Marxist Tsipiras into power. (because the commie liar promised them he would role back cuts) The slandered any Greek that warned about mass illegal immigration as “fascist”. Masses of migrants is the result of their genius plan. (and they won’t stop coming)

    Tsiprias not only supporting mass illegal immigration into Greece (that if it continues will ultimately destroy Greece which is precisely why Europeansshut the door to Greece in self-preservation)… but the treasonous incompetent far leftist coward is now even trying to show he is pals with facist VMRO in Skopje. This the same VMRO who are currently brazenly promoting irredentism against Greece. (shades of civil war when “Greek” leftists betrayed their own homeland to Skopians). Unknown to most Greeks, some in Tsipiras Marxist pals even want to define Greeks as NON-Greeks.

    To any “Greek” that is reading this that votes left in Greece… you are treasonous shameless parasitic MORON. You cowards can’t even condemn foreigners that call Skopians “Macedonians”. Your only concern is how to find ways to shamelessly sponge off foreigners or get free money vis-a-vis the government.

    Lenonidas et al would be disgusted in pseudo-Greek leftists. There is nothing Hellenic about your behavior. Your real identities and loyalties are to you leftist ideology not Hellenism. Pseudo-Greeks unworthy of the name Greek.

  2. Greek

    Our shameless leftists selling out their country yet again. (also see Leftist “Greek” American Bob Costas that claims Skopians are “Macedonians” and that Alexander was a Slav)

  3. Greek

    Most Greeks whine after every insult by foreigners that call Skopians “Macedonians”. They don’t get that nothing will happen with emails and twitters. We finally need to take action that will be heard around the globe. Everything else they have been ignoring and will continue to ignore. Don’t be unp[principled cowards Greeks just because so many betrayed us. Take bold steps..

    Foreigners that call Skopians “Macedonians” won’t be able to ignore us if we remove state recognition of their nations|. Only recognize states that do not recognize Skopje. Give them a taste of their own medecine.

    Start with the USA. Remove state recognition of the US. Without the US Skopje would be finished. Unprincipled Americans have clearly betrayed us with Skopians. They are not Greece’s allies. They have inch by inch chosen to become our enemies. Now that Skopians have become “ancient Macedonians” they are clearly trying to hide their mistake by narrating Greeks out of ethnic existence.

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