Greece sends aid to FYROM after deadly floods

Greece has contributed to the aid effort currently under way in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia following last weekend’s disastrous floods in the neighboring country that left 21 people dead and destroyed vast tracts of farmland as well as scores of homes.

On the orders of the Citizens’ Protection Ministry, the Greek fire service provided five mobile pumps and five generators to contribute to aid efforts in FYROM.

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  1. Greek

    VMRO is currently trying to annex Macedonia. Our leftists sending aid to Skopians is like sending aid to the Nazis. This is what happens when Greeks vote for TREASONOUS LEFTIST COWARDLY IMBECILES.

    Now that the former Yugoslavians have turned into “ancietn Macedonians”… unknown to most Greek leftists… foreigners are literally.,.. literally… trying to ethnically delete Greeks through subtle attack vector of narrativing us out of ethnic existence. Read the crap at the Guardian, NY Times, LA Times, .. who all unethically evade over Skopian irredentism and quick change into “ancient Macedonians”. See NBC that ridiculously claim Alexander a Slav. See IOC that kicked Greece of the IOC board. See pseudo-academics that add “modern” Greek when describing us.. then go on to ignore the same prefex for Skopians. The list goes on and on.

    What we should be doing is preparing for war. What we should be doing is removing official state recognition of countries that reference Skopians as “Macedonians”. Again, unfortunately, most Greeks are TREASONOUS LEFTIST COWARDLY IMBECILES. Their only concern is how to get money from the Greek state to feed themselves. They are so shameless they even now demand other nations give them money.

    Ancient Greeks were producers. Greek leftists are shameless antihellenic parasites. They are about as “Greek” as a Skopian. It is only a matter of time before they once again betray Hellenism to Skopians by ridiculously reocngizing them. (like they did when they committed treason during Greek civil war).

    No Macedonia in Skopje’s name. Our goal should be to erradicate this state for as long as it uses the name. Our goal should be to erraticate countries that support it. Our goal should be to even eradicate leftist ideology in Greece. It is a cancer that is killing Hellenism. Our leftist would call anything Hellenic and slander those that disagree as “racist” These imbeciles parrot unelected foreign NGOs as if they are moral authorities,. Our lefitsts hear the words ‘human rights’ and throw their brains out the window. These same self-righteous NGOs unethically play stupid as Skopians promote irredentism against our country. They should be ALL kicked out of Greece… along with the migrants… along with the embassies of nations that call Skopians “Macedonians”.

    There is a time to be human.. and there is a time to be a nationalist. When foreigners are casually trying to exterminate you it is time to protect your country. Those that don’t protect their country in these times are known as treasonous cowards.

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