Producers of Greek Saffron Eye Exports to Arab Countries

6 August 2016

Ways to facilitate the export of Greek saffron cultivated in Kozani to Arab countries was the center of a meeting between the Cooperative of Saffron Producers of Kozani, the general secretary of the Arab-Hellenic Chamber Rashad Mabger and the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Greece, Esam bin Ibrahim Al Mal, on Friday.

The plant, known locally as crocus and sold internationally as “Krokos Kozanis,” is cultivated in the rural area outside of the town of Kozani, in northern Greece. Greek red saffron is considered to be the best saffron variety and in 1992 it acquired the protected designations of origin (PDOs) label.

The two sides discussed the prospects and dynamic of the crocus cultivation, issues of international competition, the new law on cooperatives and the synergies planned. Bolaris mentioned the potential arising from the new program for agricultural growth of groups of producers, the integration of production and the promotion of exports.

The meeting was planned with an initiative of the Alternate Minister for Rural Development Markos Bolaris. The minister had previously met with the management of the association who presented their export policy and expressed an interest in expanding their market share to Arab countries.

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