Voutsis: Electoral law will have been voted by July 20

The electoral law will be submitted to Parliament in the next days and will have been voted by July 20, parliament president Nikos Voutsis said in an interview with SKAI TV.

Voutsis stressed that the key elements of the new electoral law is the simple proportional system with the abolishment of the bonus seats, the right of vote at the age of 17, while the threshold to enter the Parliament remains at 3 pct.

He also appeared optimistic that the 200 deputies required to enact the new electoral law will be gathered. He assured, however, that there is no question of early elections.

Asked on higher taxes, he said it was the only solution in order to avoid pension and salary cuts adding that he was confident that the 2018 primary surplus target will be cut to 2 pct from 3.5 pct. He also rules out the possibility of mass layoffs.

Referring to the Brexit, he stressed the need for strenthening solidarity in EU and underlined that the “protestant” austerity policy must come to an end.

Voutsis also said that there should be dynamic steps of democratic, social, economic convergence through integration policy.

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