Greek drivers considered second worst, according to EU study

The VINCI Autoroutes Foundation published the results of the 2016 European Barometer on Responsible Driving against the backdrop of an increase in the number of road fatalities in several European countries in 2015. This vast Ipsos survey of a sample of 13,634 drivers in 11 European Union countries provides a snapshot of European driver conduct with a view to homing in on their risky behaviour and best practices, and to help target safety messages more appropriately in each country.
37% of European drivers identify Sweden as the model country for responsible driving (including the Swedes, as 61% of Swedish drivers rank themselves as the best drivers), ahead of Germany (25%) and well ahead of the 3rd ranking UK (12%) and the Netherlands (4th with 11%).
As last year, the Italians are considered the least responsible drivers (according to 28% of Europeans). They are followed by the Greeks (18%), Poles (15%), French and Spaniards (8%). In fact, these last four place their respective countries at the top of the ranking of the least responsible drivers.
80% of Europeans state that they are afraid of the aggressive behaviour of other drivers. This feeling is particularly marked in France, Spain and Greece (85%), but less so in the Netherlands (65%).
22% of European drivers say they sometimes forget to wear their seat belt when driving. The most lax in this area are the Greeks (52%), and the most rigorous are the French and British (8%)
11% of European drivers get behind the wheel despite being over the legal limit. As many as 33% do so in Greece, 24% in Belgium and 16% in France; the most sensible are the Slovaks and Swedes (2%). Greek and Belgian drivers only decide not to drive after drinking 2.7 standard drinks on average, compared with the European average of 2.
While 74% of Europeans are in favour of a complete ban on telephoning while driving, 32% fail to use a hands-free kit. The worst offenders are the Greeks (55%) Slovaks (50%) and Poles (48%, although this figure is down 8 points on 2015).
Greeks top the ranking at 52%, just ahead of the Italians (51%). The British, the most in favour a complete ban on telephoning while driving, are also the most disciplined in this area, as just 12% telephone while driving.
42% of drivers use a Bluetooth system with integrated loud-speaker (55% of Greeks and 48% of Italians).

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