Mouzalas: Refugees will be allocated around Greece

The construction of new settlements with houses instead of tents on the model of Eleonas will begin at the end of June and the majority of temporary accommodation structures will be knocked down in September, Alternate Minister for Migration Policy Yiannis Mouzalas said in an interview with public broadcaster ERT.

He added that the allocation of the refugees will be carried out in Greece based on geographic and population data.

Mouzalas underlined that the government’s next priority is the transfer of refugees from former Elliniko airport. He explained that the asylum procedure is in progress adding that 50 cases are examined every day. The minister referred to the long delays in the accommodation of unaccompanied minors and promised 800 new positions by the end of June.

He said he was satisfied with the progress made on the refugee issue provided that Greece had no facilities at all a year ago and was called to accommodate 55,000-60,000 refugees when the borders closed.

The EU-Turkey agreement is crucial for the positive outcome of the refugee issue, he stressed. “We have delivered on our promises, the EU and Turkey need to do the same.” He estimated that the presence of NATO has not reduced the refugee flows, but this was achieved as a result of the agreement.

Mouzalas suggested that “the Western world must adopt a policy toward migration,” because migration will continue for years because of wars, poverty and climate change.

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