Eurostat: Rate of unemployment drops slightly to 24.2% in February

The European statistics authority Eurostat announced its latest figures for the rate of unemployment, according to which the rate in Greece dropped from 24.4% in January to 24.2% in February.

In greater detail, Eurostat found that there were 1.16 million unemployed in Greece, with joblessness affecting women (28.7%) more than men (20.6%).

Trailing behind Greece though is Spain, where the rate of unemployment is 20.1%. Conversely, the lower rates were document in the Czech Republic (4.1%), Germany (4.2%) and Malta (4.3%).

Meanwhile the rate of unemployment in the Eurozone during April 2016 remained stable at 10.2%, which is the lowest documented rate since August 2011. The rate in the European Union was 8.7%, down from 8.8% in March, which is also the lowest since May 2009.

The rate of youth unemployment also improved slightly, from 51.9% in January to 51.4% in February. Greece tops the list, followed by Spain (45%), Croatia (38.9%) and Italy (36.9%). The lowest youth unemployment rates were documented in Germany (7%), Malta (8.9%) and the Czech Republic (9.5%).

Overall, the rate of youth unemployment in the Eurozone amounted to 21.1%, while in amongst the European Union member-states the rate was 18.8%.

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