Papangelopoulos appears before Ethics Committee in Parliament

The Alternate Minister of Justice Dimitris Papangelopoulos has been summoned by Parliament’s Ethics Committee to address the allegations of interventions in the course of justice. The Minister of Justice Nikos Paraskevopoulos has also summoned to testify before the committee.

It is expected that Mr. Papangelopoulos will reject the accusations against and claim that Appeal Court Prosecutor Georgia Tsatani – who brought the charges against the Alt. Justice Minister – has demonstrated bias and favoritism in cases she has handled in the past.

In relation to his alleged attempt to attend a meeting of Greek and Cypriot judges, Mr. Papangelopoulos recently commented that his intention was not attend the meeting, but rather to facilitate the participating of Justice Ministry representatives. He also claimed that this was the first time that the prosecutor disallowed this,

According to Mr. Papangelopoulos “I asked to be informed what was going on and I was so police that [Mrs. Tsatani] did not realize that I was a minister and called me a secretary” adding that “Mrs. Tsatani did not want witnesses at the meeting and no records were kept”.

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