Dep. Minister: Creditors mostly agree with 384€ monthly ‘natl pension’

The relevant Greek deputy minister on Thursday said creditors have accepted a government proposal to fix a minimum “national pension” rate at 384 euros per month.

Deputy Labor Minister Tassos Petropoulos, in statements to the local TV broadcaster Mega, said only “certain objections” remain to the plan by the IMF.

He underlined, however, that talks are still underway between the Greek side and creditors’ technocrats, while adding that whatever differences are expected to be “bridged with common sense”.

“There are some people in the negotiations, mainly from the IMF, that state that private pension plans must complement what social (security) cannot,” he said.

Representatives of institutional creditors – Commission, ECB, ESM, IMF – return to Athens this week for negotiations with the Greek government.

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