PM Tsipras calls meeting over refugee crisis and bailout review

The Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has arranged to meet with ministers and consultants on Monday morning at his office in Parliament. At the top of Monday’s agenda are the refugee crisis and bailout program review.

Monday’s meeting has been called in order to prepare for the critical European summit on the 7th of March, where the Greek government is expected to address the unilateral actions that have further exacerbated the refugee crisis in the Balkans.

The Greek Prime Minister is expected will demand that refugees be proportionately distributed amongst European Union member states, otherwise Greece will not consent to any further agreements.

In relation to the bailout review, the Greek side will underline how it is implementing reforms and fulfilling its side of the bargain. As such, Greece will insist on the prompt return of the institution heads to Athens, in order to complete the review as soon as possible.

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