Gov’t examines seven scenarios on pension cuts

The Ministry of Labor examines seven alternative scenarios on pension and benefit cuts in order to persuaded the representatives of the institutions to return to Athens.

Government sources admit that there is a difference in fiscal gap with the IMF, but they are optimistic that they will reach an agreement, if Greece implements pension cuts.

The seven scenarios are the following:

1. Primary pensions cuts
2. Cuts in new pensions, but also in those already paid via recalculation
3. Reducing the maximum ceiling for the total amount of pensions (double main pensions + widow’s pension +supplementary pension) from 3,000, as Katrougalos law provided, to 2,300-2,500 euros.
4. Reducing the national pension of 384 euros to 320 euros
5. Supplementary pensions cuts
6. Reducing lump-sum up to 20%
7. Reducing dividends of the Civil Servants Share Fund received by 280,000 beneficiaries

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