U.S. ambassador in favour of debt relief for Greece

U.S. Ambassador in Athens David Pearce on Monday said he was in favour of debt relief for Greece stressing the country’s importance as an energy hub a a transit centre for trade goods.

Speaking at the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce 26th annual “The Greek Economy Conference” on “Investment and Growth: Building a National Plan,” Mr. Pearce said that the U.S. remains optimistic about the country’s future progress and will remain at Greece’s side during its efforts.

He stressed that U.S. President Barack Obama has often shown support for the country’s efforts and understands the humanitarian problem created as a result of the crisis, while expecting Greece to continue efforts with the institutions representing its lenders.

Mr. Pearce highlighted the advantages of Greece’s geography and location, not just for tourism but also as a strategically important region standing at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, citing as an example the war against drugs and the war in Syria, as well as its significance for Europe in terms of energy.

Mr. Pearce concluded by expressing his confidence that Greece is exiting the crisis and once again finding its pace toward growth and stability.

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