Creditors concern about non-performing loans

The representative of the European Central Bank, Rasmus Refer, stated that should be the last negotiation round adding that the non-performing loans suspend development in Greece and, thus, it should be dealt with, revealing also that Greece’s creditors have many suggestions on how to manage the non-performing loans.

Mr. Refer said that a lot of work has already been done, but there are still some challenges underlying that stability is now the issue and stressing that the memorandum should be applied.

European Commission’s representative Declan Costello mentioned that the economic growth depended on the successful evaluation which was in progress.

He also mentioned that the elections and cabinet reshuffle brought delays.

Mr. Costello announced also creditors had already decided for a Greek debt relief. So, the only issue was not if there would be a debt relief but on what terms stressing that would be something to decide later on, after the program evaluation.

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