Two dead in Paris siege, including woman who blew herself up

Witnesses have reported gunfire and explosions amid a police raid in the northern Paris suburb of Saint-Denis as authorities hunt for suspects from Friday’s deadly terrorist attacks who are believed to be at large.

Paris police is hunting suspects of Paris attacks lay siege to an apartment and reports are saying that two terrorists are dead in Paris siege, including woman who blew herself up.

According to reports several officers have been injured, during a raid raid seeking one of the suspects in the wave of violence across Paris, which killed at least 129 people and wounded hundreds more.

Moreover, the police blocked off roads early Wednesday in Saint-Denis, which is home to the Stade de France sports stadium where three suicide bombings took place Friday, and accoridng to reports Abdelhamid Abaaoud, alleged mastermind of Paris attacks, is one of the targets of Saint Denis raid.

Authorities warn Paris suburb residents

Authorities in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis are telling residents to stay inside during a large police operation near France’s national stadium that two officials say is linked to last week’s deadly attacks.

Moroever, it has been reported that the police raid was linked to the hunt for the so-called “ninth suspect,” who may appear in a video recorded by a witness to the attacks.

Police have been analyzing the video, which shows two gunmen inside a black car linked to the attacks and perhaps a third individual driving the car, French media reported.

Seven of the attackers were killed during the wave of violence Friday night, and an international arrest warrant is already out for one suspect, Salah Abdeslam, a 26-year-old Frenchman. The identity of the possible ninth suspect is unknown.

In the meantime, Abdeslam’s older brother has urged the suspect, who was last seen driving toward the Belgian border hours after the attacks, to turn himself over to authorities.

“I would tell him to surrender. That’s the best solution,” Mohamed Abdeslam told CNN’s Erin Burnett on Tuesday.
“But of course, if he has something to do with it, he must accept responsibility.”

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