Gov’t scrambles for coherent positions ahead of Eurogroup

Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos on Monday reassured Greece’s creditors that he will attend Thursday’s Eurogroup meeting with “specific” positions on all pending issues though the most Athens can hope for is a decision to reboot stalled bailout negotiations. European officials told Kathimerini that not enough progress has been made for foreign auditors to return to […]

Island mayors ask PM for transfer of migrants

The mayors of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Kos and Leros on Monday jointly presented their demands for measures to ease severe overcrowding at migrant reception centers on their islands during a meeting in Athens with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. According to government sources, the meeting was held in a cordial climate and both sides agreed it […]

School divided over classes for refugee children

The prospect of refugee children attending classes at a primary school in Larissa, central Greece, as part of a nationwide government initiative, has divided teachers and parents. In the wake of objections by schoolchildren’s parents, the principal of the 26th Larissa Primary School, Katerina Stagianni, said she and teachers at the school remained committed to […]

Investigation focuses on Mesolongi recruits

The prosecutor at a military court in Mesolongi, western Greece, has ordered an investigation after an image appeared on social media depicting seven new recruits making the symbol of a double-headed eagle with stretched-out wings with their hands. The symbol appears on Albania’s national flag. Defense Minister Panos Kammenos on Monday ordered the head of […]

Greek farmers gunning engines for nationwide protests, blockades

Farmers angered by hikes in taxes, gas prices and social security contributions warmed up their engines on Monday for nationwide action. The protest action, which unions have vowed will be forceful and prolonged, started with a strong statement as dozens of tractors and pick-up trucks blocked off a section of the Patra-Corinth national highway near […]

Police seize 1383 illegally trafficked cultural objects

An operation led by Cyprus and Spain has seized a total of 3561 works of art, cultural items and antiquities while 75 people have been arrested at European level and 92 cases are being investigated. The Police in Cyprus carried out 44 checks and seized 1383 antiquities and 13 metal detectors. Another 40 items were […]

Debts to farmers’ fund more than double of revenues

Debts to the OGA social security fund for famers rose to 140 percent above annual revenues in 2016, reaching 821 million euros against contribution payments of 588 million euros, figures from the Labor Ministry have shown. However, the Labor Ministry says, contribution payments were on the rise last year, as OGA collected 588.3 million euros […]

Supreme Court defers decision on Turkish servicemen to Thursday

Greece’s Supreme Court on Monday deferred to Thursday a final decision on the extradition of eight Turkish servicemen accused by the government in Ankara of taking part in a failed coup last summer. The decision was initially expected on Monday, but the court said that judges said they will need more time to deliberate on […]

ECB: Trump’s protectionist economic policies a bad idea

Member of the European Central bank’s (ECB) executive board Benoit Coeure responded to US President Donald Trump that the adoption of a protectionist economic policy would be a bad idea. “Protectionism at this point is clearly a bad idea”, he said during an interview on Radio Clasiqque, adding, however, that it was too early for […]

Athens’s Monastiraki ISAP station closed on Tuesday, Wednesday

The downtown Athens station of Monastiraki, which serves as a central connection between the metro and the ISAP electric railway, will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. The station will be closed as transport authorities install turnstiles to prevent fare dodging, but this will only affect the service of ISAP and not of the metro’s […]

The battle against corruption has just started, gov’t sources say

The battle against corruption has just started, government sources on Monday (23/01/2017) said ahead of the ruling of the investigation committee on media and political parties’ loans. “The government will place special emphasis on the case,” the same source said in statements to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA). “The investigation on corruption has just started,” […]

Economy minister first refers lower tax-free ceiling, then issues denial

Greece’s economy minister on Sunday disclosed that the leftist government is, indeed, negotiating with institutional creditors the prospect of lowering the tax-free income tax ceiling, which is currently at roughly 8,500 euros per year. Minister Dimitri Papadimitriou, a professor at an elite lower New York State university until being tapped for a Cabinet position in […]

Supreme Court to decide on fate of eight Turkish servicemen

The Greek Supreme Court on Monday is to rule whether eight Turkish servicemen who fled to Greece after July’s failed coup should be extradited. Three separate panels of Greek judges have already ruled that the Turkish officers’ lives may be put at risk if they were to be returned to Turkey, where Prime Minister Recep […]

Greek farmers rev up engines to block highways across country

Farmers all over Greece are up in arms against the Greek government and are preparing to block main highways throughout the country. The mobilisation is scheduled to start Monday in central Greece, where farmers will set up blockades on the national highway in Thessaly in central Greece. One of the leading farmers’ unionists, Vangelis Boutas […]

Cold, wet weather forecast on Monday

Cloudy weather, with squalls starting from the afternoon and persistent low temperatures are forecast on Monday, while snow may fall at higher altitudes. Winds will blow from mainly easterly directions, reaching up to 8 Beaufort at sea. Temperatures between -4C and 8C forecast in the north and northeast, from 3C to 13C in the west […]

Patra man, 22, found hanged on his balcony

A 22-year-old student hung himself from a fourth-floor apartment balcony in Patra, in the Peloponnese, on Saturday, in an apparent suicide. According to reports, a neighbor saw the man, who was hanging from the awning’s metal frame from a belt attached to his neck, and notified the authorities. The identity of the victim has not […]